Affordable flat sale in Dhaka

June 5, 2022
Affordable flat sale in Dhaka

Are you looking for the best ready-to-move-in apartments in Dhaka? Allow us to provide you with any information you require prior to purchasing any property. We will inform you about the reasonable flat rates in various locations of Dhaka city in this article.

  • Mirpur:

Mirpur is a notable locality in Dhaka City, located in the North East of the Dhaka Division. Because the neighborhood is rapidly expanding, it is becoming a popular choice. Mirpur is divided into divisions, each of which differs in terms of the amenities available in the area. There are numerous shopping malls, outlets of well-known local and worldwide companies, culinary chains, and commercial establishments in the area.

If you are looking to buy a flat in Mirpur, you have a range of options.

Approximate cost of a flat in Mirpur is BDT 34667 per square feet.

  • Keraniganj:

Keraniganj is a 166.87 sq km subdistrict of Dhaka, lying between 23°37′ and 23°47′ north latitudes and 90°13′ and 90°29′ east longitudes. It is bordered on the north by savar and singair upazilas, on the south by narayanganj sadar upazila, on the east by hazaribagh, kamrangirchar, lalbagh, kotwali, and shyampur thanas, and on the west by nawabganj, Singair, and serajdikhan subdistricts. The upazila settlement situated on the other side of the buriganga, on the city’s southwestern outskirts.

Approximate cost of a flat in Mirpur is BDT 3248.5 per square feet.

  • Jatrabari:

Even though this site is on the outskirts of Dhaka, it is far from rural. It’s one of Dhaka’s busiest areas, with access to Bongshal’s bike shops, the stadium market’s sports shops, and the famous Gulisthan marketplaces. People who wish to cut down on their rush times desire to move to Motijheel’s surroundings and chose Jatrabari as their home. With an excellent route in and out of the city, Jatrabari is becoming a popular destination for individuals who work in Dhaka and take trips to their dear ones.

Approximate cost of a flat in Jatrabari is BDT 5220.5 per square feet.

  • Mohammadpur:

Mohammadpur is one of the few places that offers a flexible lifestyle while maintaining a sense of balance. Mohammadpur is a far better place for our society’s middle class, as the neighborhood offers a wide selection of reasonable flats. Dhanmondi, Lalmatia, and Adabar are all close by. Mohammadpur used to be a residential area, but commercial sectors have recently taken over a portion of it.

Approximate cost of a flat in Mirpur is BDT 10862.5 per square feet.

  • Malibagh:

If you want to live in one of Dhaka City’s crowded neighbourhoods, Malibagh is a fantastic option. The region is extremely active, with numerous malls, schools, business districts, and grocery stores. Shahjahanpur thana includes Malibagh. When it comes to buying a flat, one of the most important considerations is the location, and Malibagh is an excellent choice for anyone looking to live in a bustling, transportation-friendly area.

Approximate cost of a flat in Malibagh is BDT 7333.5 per square feet.

  • Hazaribagh:

The area of Hazaribag is close to Dhanmondi, Pilkhana, and Jigatola. The Sadarghat-Gabtoli Road runs through the heart of Hazaribag. The location is favoured by our economy’s middle and lower middle classes. Hazaribag has grocery stores, ATM booths, banks, schools, and cafes to make locals’ lives easier.

Approximate cost of a flat in Hazaribagh is BDT 6135 per square feet.

  • Bosila:

Mirpur is one of the most famous localities in Dhaka City, and it is located in the Dhaka Division. Because the neighborhood is rapidly expanding, it is becoming a popular choice.

Approximate cost of a flat in Bosila is BDT 5784.5 per square feet.

  • Basundhara Residential area:

Bashundhara R/A is a part of Dhaka City that offers residents a green environment and plenty of security. Residents can select individual residences that fit their requirements for bedroom and garage space. Bashundhara R/A is still growing, with a slew of new and creative projects in the pipeline, covering a wide range of property types and catering to every market segment. Without a doubt, this area should be at the top of every client’s list when it comes to deciding where to settle down with their family.

Approximate cost of a flat in Basundhara R-A is BDT 10301.75 per square feet.  

  • Gulshan:

The high-end sector of Gulshan is characterized by opulence, elegance, and grandeur. Gulshan has everything, whether it’s a fine dining establishment or a park for a leisurely stroll. There are wonderful flats available for those willing to spend the money, as well as a regal lifestyle that is regarded as one of the best in Dhaka.

Approximate cost of a flat in Gulshan is BDT 6675.5 per square feet. 

If you’re seeking for a ready-to-move-in flat in a neighborhood that offers a mix of civic and tranquil living, you’ve come to the perfect location! The prices of the properties are based on the value that the property delivers.

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